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About Us

The Ethical Investment Co-operative are specialists who offer financial advice to clients who want to align their investments with their ethical preferences. We work closely with our clients to ensure we have a good understanding of their objectives and we are open and transparent with regards to our costs and charges.

We provide independent advice on packaged retail investment and insurance products (these include but are not limited to pension, investment bonds, Unit Trusts, annuities, ISAs and savings plans) and structured investment products only.  Our recommendation will be based on an assesment of a sufficient range of relevant products that are sufficiently diversified in terms of type and provider to ensure your investment objectives can be suitably met.

The Ethical Investment Co-operative provides independent financial advice and in the past has won a series of Financial Adviser awards with the Guardian newspaper group and has also worked closely with Amnesty International UK, helping to promote ethical investment. During this period we have donated over £60,000 to their cause.

We believe in what we promote and adopt these values in how we operate in our own workplace and lifestyles, and would like to believe this will become the norm over time as awareness increases and individuals realise they can make choices.