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There are many different reasons why you may be looking to invest. Whatever the reason it is important that you consider all the different factors that will impact on your decision to ensure that you embark on the right path to meet your financial objectives, for instance:

  • Your attitude to investment risk
  • How long you wish to invest for
  • Do you need access to the investment 
  • Would a Discretionary Fund Manager be appropriate
  • Why are you investing, is it for capital growth or to produce an income
  • Your ethical/environmental preferences
  • Your tax status

Ongoing Management of your Investments

Management of your investments is a vital role in ensuring that you remain on course to achieve your financial goals. We can assist you with this by reviewing your investments and providing our thoughts and recommendations for the ongoing management of your portfolio.

The review process will consider a number of factors, including:

  • Is your investment portfolio still in line with your attitude to investment risk
  • Is it in line with your ethical/environmental preferences – do you have access to a wide range of ethical funds to help meet this objective
  • Are they operating in the most tax efficient manner
  • Are the costs competitive

If you wish to discuss a potential investment or would like us to undertake a review of your investments and provide a report outlining our recommendations, please contact us.