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Planning for the Future

Cash flow modelling is part of the service we offer when undertaking financial planning. It allows us to forecast your current and future financial situation, and it helps to answer many of the most important financial questions you may have, such as:  

  • What age can I afford to retire?

  • Is my pension going to be enough to fund my retirement?

  • Can I afford a large capital expenditure such as buying a car or making a gift to family?

  • Can I afford it if my investments don’t perform as well as expected?

  • What is my liability to Inheritance Tax?

  • What would the impact of needing care in the future be?

Whilst financial planning, based on current and expected circumstances is important, often we forget to think about the impact of certain unforeseen events. Cash flow modelling allows us to clearly demonstrate this, with ‘what if’ scenario’s. This can involve variables such as what age to retire at; investment growth rates; when to sell a business etc.

By using cash flow modelling we enable you to assess the impact of unexpected changes, and therefore stay in control of your financial future.

Should you wish to discuss this further please contact us.