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Mortgage Advice

Whilst we have clients who want advice on where to invest money, we also have clients who want to borrow money, be it to purchase a new home, a property to rent out or re-arrange an existing mortgage to obtain more preferential terms. But why use us?

Save Time

With literally 1000’s of products potentially available, where do you start if you want a mortgage or if you’re concerned about the ethical credentials of the lender you potentially borrow money from? Many people don’t have the time to or don’t want to trail around numerous high street banks and building societies looking for the different mortgages available and perhaps waiting weeks for an appointment in the process. There is the internet of course, but does that provide the personalised service you need when making such a big decision? Making the wrong choice could mean paying a lot more than you need to in the long term. That’s where we come in, by completing a simple form at your convenience and the use of telephone, post and email, we can quickly gather sufficient information to enable us to do the leg work for you. No need to take time off work or have the inconvenience of travelling for a lengthy face to face meeting.


The internet isn’t a bad thing, we use it all the time! Using a detailed research tool, we can quickly match your requirements to the 1000’s of mortgages available from not only the high street banks and building societies, but also specialist lenders that you may not have access to. Detailed illustrations can be produced and subject to you accepting our recommendations, we can submit most applications electronically, keeping any additional paperwork to a minimum for you.


You’ve seen a great interest rate, but do you qualify? Mortgage criteria has tightened massively over the last few years but with over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage market you can be confident you have someone on your side who understands it all. We know the background criteria that a lender has and can bring this experience to fruition when advising you and processing any application.

Regular Reviews

Once in place, it’s good to review your mortgage on a regular basis to ensure that it’s still suitable for you or to see whether better terms are available. Our review service looks to ensure that you never pay more than you need to.